Instruct Us
Date 06 February 2023
Year of Build N/A
Casualty type Fire
Vessel Type General Cargo - VT GGC

------------------UPDATE 2-------------------

20 February 2023

We have received the following update from our local contacts in Turkey regarding Iskenderun Port.

* The fire that ignited in the Port was successfully extinguished on 13th February and cooling works have now been completed also.

* Reportedly 5,400 containers were located in the container storage area of which 3,670 exhibit no external signs of fire damage.

* Approximately 1,730 containers have been completely burned with cargo stowed within. The number of collapsed containers is yet to be determined with investigations ongoing.

* Inspections of damaged containers are expected to commence in March, after overturned and damaged units are moved to the stock area at the Port and spread out.

* We are already instructed by parties concerned with cargo stowed at the Port and liaising with the necessary parties to determine the extent of damage, if any. Once it is possible for surveys to begin, we will make arrangements for a surveyor to be in attendance for inspections as necessary.

* Should you be concerned with any cargo at Iskenderun Port and affected by the earthquake we recommend that you contact us so that we may protect your interests as best possible in the circumstances.


9 February 2023

We have received the following further information concerning the current situation at Iskenderun Port:

* The fire that was ignited at Iskenderun Port following the earthquake that affected the region is reported to have been extinguished with the assistance of military helicopters and aeroplanes.

* Photographs of the extent of the fire indicate that a large number of containers are likely to have been totally burnt out and cargo stowed to other containers in the vicinity of the fire will likely have sustained heat, smoke and water damage as a result of the fire and fire-fighting efforts.

* The situation in the Iskenderun region is very serious with many buildings in the region having collapsed as a result of the earthquake. Clearly, transport and communications in the area are very limited.

* The Turkish Government has declared a State of Emergency for 3 months, encompassing 10 cities, including Iskenderun, during which time we anticipate efforts will focus on providing Humanitarian Aid to the population.

* It is therefore unlikely that efforts to identify the cargo affected by the fire will be a high priority for the time being.

* We expect that cargo that is currently inbound to Iskenderun will be re-directed to Mersin, which is a well-equipped international port, located approximately 200 kilometres from Iskenderun and which we understand is not directly affected by the earthquake.

* We shall continue to monitor the situation in Iskenderun and we will provide further reports as matters progress.

* In the meantime, we recommend that you contact us if you are concerned with any cargo affected by the earthquakes in Turkey so that we may protect your interests as best possible in the circumstances.


* Following the recent catastrophic earthquakes affecting Turkey and Syria, all port operations at Iskenderun Port, Turkey in the Gulf of Alexandra have been suspended.

* Local media reports have shown a black pillar of smoke from a fire that broke out among a stack of shipping containers that had collapsed at the terminal. Fire-fighting operations are underway with fire-fighting boats also involved.

* There is likely significant damage to cargo and containers at the port including fire, smoke and water damage from the fire-fighting operations.

* Damage assessments are unlikely to commence for some time yet until first it is deemed safe to do so and the damaged units can be handled and identified. Local infrastructure has been adversely affected also which will delay operations and communications locally.

* WKW are in contact with our local agent for regular updates in Iskenderun and other affected areas. We are well placed to assist with surveys in Iskenderun once damaged containers are identified and notices are issued by shipping lines.

* We therefore recommend that you contact us if you are concerned with any cargo affected by the earthquakes in Turkey so that we can immediately start taking steps to protect your interests.