Instruct Us
Date 06 July 2023
Year of Build 2004
Casualty type Capsized
Vessel Type General Cargo - VT GGC

* We have received reports that general cargo ship, PANGAON EXPRESS, developed a list and partially capsized whilst navigating the Sandwip Channel in the Bay of Bengal on 6 July 2023.

* It is reported that efforts are being made to remove water from the engine room and that charterers intend to lighten cargo from the vessel but that weather conditions in the area are presently preventing the commencement of that operation.

* Salvage Security may be required to be provided on behalf of cargo interests by a party acceptable to the Salvors or the Council of Lloyd's and W K Webster may be able to assist. Security provided by WKW is acceptable to the Council of Lloyd's and widely preferred by professional Salvors.

* In addition, if General Average is declared, General Average security may be required from all Cargo Interests prior to the delivery of their cargo and we are also likely to be able to assist in that regard.

* It is also reported that three containers have been lost overboard as a result of the list of the vessel and have been beached by the Bangladeshi Coast Guard.

* Other cargo stowed to containers remaining on board the vessel are likely to have sustained wet damage and/or physical damage as a result of the ingress of water and the movement of stow on board the vessel.

* Recovery issues are therefore also likely to arise as a result of this casualty.

* We therefore recommend that you contact us urgently if you are concerned with any cargo on board this vessel so that we can immediately start taking steps to protect your interests.