Instruct Us
Date 28 December 2023
Year of Build 2012
Casualty type Fire
Vessel Type General Cargo - VT GGC

* We have received reports that general cargo ship GENIUS STAR XI experienced a fire in its No. 1 cargo hold whilst in a position approximately 200 nautical miles southwest of Dutch Harbor, Alaska on 28 December 2023.

* It is reported that the fire was initially brought under control by the crew who discharged the CO2 fixed-firefighting system into the hold, but the fire was not fully extinguished.

* A second fire is reported to have later ignited in No. 2 hold which was also contained by the crew.

* The U.S. Coast Guard directed the vessel to divert to anchor at Dutch Harbor Anchorage to assist efforts to extinguish the fire and it is reported that the fire was later extinguished there with the assistance of professional salvors.

* The latest reports indicate that no structural damage to the vessel occurred as a result of the fires and there is currently no risk of further fire on board the vessel. However, we understand that the vessel is likely to remain at anchor for at least a week whilst the damage to cargo is assessed and the vessel's CO2 supply is replenished.

*It is possible that General Average / Salvage and Recovery issues may arise as a result of this casualty.

*We therefore recommend that you contact us urgently if you are concerned with any cargo on board this vessel so that we can immediately start taking steps to protect your interests.